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T-Mobile Royal Wedding Dance

Gotta give it to T-Mobile. Even though they will likely not be a brand by the end of 2011, they are churning out some aggressive marketing so far this year. First, they expanded the Apple vs. Mac copy campaign which at first bothered me due to its apparent lack of originality, but now I find it to be refreshing with the female character and light sense of humor.

Now they are leveraging the unconstrained world of online video to tap into one of the largest stories on the planet; the royal wedding.

Even though it’s normally tough to commercially mimic a cheap viral video, the team that produced this adaptation of the JK Wedding Entrance Dance made so famous in 2009 added enough relevance (linking it with the royal wedding; the plethora of nationalities represented in the crowd) and quality production (the look-a-likes are incredible!) to make it a welcome viral hit in 2011.

Unfortunately the royal wedding lost a lot of its steam due to the fact that bin Laden was killed two days later (and because the royal wedding is a complete bore, especially with its lack of star power in the crowd), but now that the bin Laden story is somewhat winding down, this video might give people a period to put at the end of their royal wedding sentence, and T-Mobile will be the last thing they see at the end of that experience.

Good timing for the video.  Now let’s hope the same goes for the company.