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Social Evolution and Destruction

It’s only Wednesday, but this week has already shown us Google’s answer to Facebook (Google+) and the sale of MySpace for $35 million. Yes, million. It feels like forever since we’ve heard “million” instead of the new common baseline of “billion”, but either way, what a supreme collapse for MySpace! I actually thought it might survive as a niche music community, which it still may, but with such a short sell and news of massive layoffs, one can’t keep too much hope for its survival.

As for Google+, I still need to be granted access to the beta, but as far as I’ve read, it will likely be an exaggerated platform for sharing content between Google/Gmail contacts.  Beyond that, I don’t see how it will takeover Facebook or become much of a social networking site.

Actually, that does raise the question of what is a social network?  What more does it do than allow users to share content and thoughts?  Facebook is still trying to break into the coupon, commerce, and business-linking, mimicking services provided by other platforms like Linkedin, Foursquare, and Groupon.  But aside from those, what does it do that Google + isn’t trying to do?  Let me know what you think.


Taco Bell’s Social Response

Okay, so the Taco Bell lawsuit I’m about to discuss doesn’t pertain to this image, but a picture of a car hanging out of a Taco Bell is much more visually appealing than a picture of Taco Bell meat. You’re welcome.

Now about the lawsuit…

Taco Bell was recently sued because they were blamed for not having their meet FDA standards. Believing in the quality of their product, Taco Bell took the offensive and immediately went on their own PR tour to quell the story and to get their version of the story ingrained in consumers’ minds. They succeeded, primarily due to the fact that they have such a solid social media presence.

Mashable did a great piece about how Taco Bell’s strong social presence helped it avoid a huge PR emergency. From being the first to tell their side of the story, to strategically purchasing search ads, to having a willing audience to hear your story, Taco Bell showed that establishing a sound base on all key channels will not only provide invaluable and innumerable chances to engage consumers, it will play a key role in crisis management. Real time channels are not a fad, they should be a key element in any company’s media mix.

SNAP social commerce

I’ve been really curious to see how the social world would properly meld with the local e-commerce world. Facebook doesn’t seem to have the answer to integrate geo-targeted business like Groupon, and vice versa with Groupon not grasping social. It’ll be interesting to see which of those two is the first the break into the others’ property.

In the meantime, a new service was just released today, SNAP, which seems like it has real promise to bridge social and local e-commerce. Check out the following video and see what you think for yourself. Do you think SNAP has the answer?

Better yet, which of the two big boys will swoop-in and grab SNAP before it becomes a player itself?

Old Spice Video Response Campaign

Purely brilliant. Funny in a unique way. Timely and engaging like only the web can provide. And newsworthy like good marketing can be. It took balls by the client and their legal department to approve this idea and real-time execution, as well as hard work to pull it off, but this is proof it can be done. Thanks Old Spice and Wieden for providing a case study that will open doors for the rest of us.

And congrats Isaiah Mustafa.  Even though my ab hates your abs, you sold this performance for 3 solid days without blinking an eye.  Here’s to you receiving all the praise and success you deserve.

In case you’re curious about how this was pulled off, Creativity did a solid recap of the action.  Read here.