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Social Evolution and Destruction

It’s only Wednesday, but this week has already shown us Google’s answer to Facebook (Google+) and the sale of MySpace for $35 million. Yes, million. It feels like forever since we’ve heard “million” instead of the new common baseline of “billion”, but either way, what a supreme collapse for MySpace! I actually thought it might survive as a niche music community, which it still may, but with such a short sell and news of massive layoffs, one can’t keep too much hope for its survival.

As for Google+, I still need to be granted access to the beta, but as far as I’ve read, it will likely be an exaggerated platform for sharing content between Google/Gmail contacts.  Beyond that, I don’t see how it will takeover Facebook or become much of a social networking site.

Actually, that does raise the question of what is a social network?  What more does it do than allow users to share content and thoughts?  Facebook is still trying to break into the coupon, commerce, and business-linking, mimicking services provided by other platforms like Linkedin, Foursquare, and Groupon.  But aside from those, what does it do that Google + isn’t trying to do?  Let me know what you think.