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Drive-thru theater with Coke

Here’s a brilliant example of a marketer seizing an opportunity to turn a negative situation into a positive one, and positioning their brand and product at the center of that transition. Even though the idea directly effected a small amount of people, the video and overall idea will carry across the web for an open-ended amount of time. This should show marketers that an idea doesn’t need to be grand in the real world in order to have a grand effect in the real world.

Too bad the product being pushed is an even bigger waste of plastic housing an even smaller portion of an unhealthy product.


Old Spice Video Response Campaign

Purely brilliant. Funny in a unique way. Timely and engaging like only the web can provide. And newsworthy like good marketing can be. It took balls by the client and their legal department to approve this idea and real-time execution, as well as hard work to pull it off, but this is proof it can be done. Thanks Old Spice and Wieden for providing a case study that will open doors for the rest of us.

And congrats Isaiah Mustafa.  Even though my ab hates your abs, you sold this performance for 3 solid days without blinking an eye.  Here’s to you receiving all the praise and success you deserve.

In case you’re curious about how this was pulled off, Creativity did a solid recap of the action.  Read here.