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T-Mobile Royal Wedding Dance

Gotta give it to T-Mobile. Even though they will likely not be a brand by the end of 2011, they are churning out some aggressive marketing so far this year. First, they expanded the Apple vs. Mac copy campaign which at first bothered me due to its apparent lack of originality, but now I find it to be refreshing with the female character and light sense of humor.

Now they are leveraging the unconstrained world of online video to tap into one of the largest stories on the planet; the royal wedding.

Even though it’s normally tough to commercially mimic a cheap viral video, the team that produced this adaptation of the JK Wedding Entrance Dance made so famous in 2009 added enough relevance (linking it with the royal wedding; the plethora of nationalities represented in the crowd) and quality production (the look-a-likes are incredible!) to make it a welcome viral hit in 2011.

Unfortunately the royal wedding lost a lot of its steam due to the fact that bin Laden was killed two days later (and because the royal wedding is a complete bore, especially with its lack of star power in the crowd), but now that the bin Laden story is somewhat winding down, this video might give people a period to put at the end of their royal wedding sentence, and T-Mobile will be the last thing they see at the end of that experience.

Good timing for the video.  Now let’s hope the same goes for the company.


Jen Anistion is here to save the day with a viral viral video

This one is an easy sell with me. I’ve been in love with Jennifer Aniston since high school, and the facts that we share a birthday and that she’s gotten hotter with each passing year don’t hurt my chances of thinking her video for Smart Water isn’t the most brilliant viral ploy of 2011 so far.

Yes, making a viral video about making fun of viral videos is an obvious play, that is for us digital marketing folks. Yet for the general public, who isn’t as close to the viral spectrum, this video consolidates one-off videos they’ve seen into one cohesive thought, which the public likely hasn’t pieced together on their own. So for that reason, its simplicity isn’t likely to be too simple for the target audience.

And, it’s Jen Aniston looking hotter than ever for 3 minutes of dedicated time. How can that not succeed? It’s sure as hell a lot better than watching her do her one-dimensional for 2 hours on the screen. Even I can’t stand that crap any more.

Kickstarter getting businesses off the ground

What do you get when you combine online Groupon with venture capitol firms? You get Kickstarter, a funding platform for creative ideas. Companies pitch their idea via a profile and pitch video on Kickstarter’s site, and it’s up to the public to decide if they want to swap their cash for discounts and schwag. That is if a minimum amount of funding is met, similar to how Groupon has their assurance contract.

I love this service for so many reasons. One, it combines several different tools and services to create a new one; this seems to be how the most popular companies are getting off the ground. Their not recreating the wheel, but they’re finding a new way to use that tool. Hell, that’s why cloud computing is so genius. Why build your own platform when you can use an existing, just as functional service? Two, this service is helping get quality businesses off the ground where they may not have been able to had this service not existed. Three, it is leaving the judging for a business’s relevancy in the hands of the people who it will serve; the public. Why should the VC’s have all the say in what succeeds?

Any way, check out this example of a business that used the service and quickly met its minimum funding. Looks like these crazy cats will actually be able to feed the world some interesting microbrew.  (sorry for the lack of an embedded player.  Looks like WordPress doesn’t like iFrames)

Will WiFi Direct kill Bluetooth

The WiFi coalition is about to release a fury on Bluetooth like nothing has before. With simple software updates to existing devices that leverage WiFi technology, those devices can now transfer data and content at WiFi’s famously quick speeds. The applications of this new usage are endless, but the coalition has produced the following video to describe several key applications:

Wi-Fi Direct from Blake Robinson on Vimeo.

This is big news that will be interesting to follow and see if/how it affects the Bluetooth market. Has Bluetooth created a large enough footprint to withstand this news, or will WiFi’s ubiquity overwhelm Bluetooth and phase it out. I’m thinking that Bluetooth has embedded itself enough into key devices (mobile, gaming, auto, etc.) that it will be able to survive, and that the technology will also evolve in new, competitive ways.

Another thing I’d like to touch on is this style of storytelling that the coalition used to explain a somewhat complex issue. This very personable, simple, un-corporate method is being used more and more these days in order to present complicated subjects and situations. The likes of Google, who used the style to launch their OS browser Chrome, are finding this method to be approachable and informative, and also very cost effective since it doesn’t require talent, shoots, and everything else that comes with a traditional commercial/infomercial.

Don’t be surprised if you see these fun little cartoons more often as corporations try to leverage online video more and more.

The Expendables YouTube viral campaign

Sly Stallone has a winner with this viral effort. I was always curious to see who would successfully follow-up the Wario takeover and manipulate the YouTube layout to surprise viewers, and it looks like the indefatigable Stallone is the big winner. The video production of the takeover is horrible, but the Flash animation is damn impressive. Well done.

UPDATE:  The video was removed and I can’t embed the page because it’s a fake YouTube channel, so click on this link and check it out yourself.

The Last Exorcism ARG and viral campaign

Following up the Church of St. Marks ARG campaign a few weeks ago, the promoters for The Last Exorcism took to the video airwaves to mess with a few horny teenage boys, and scare them into going to see the movie on Aug. 27. Their medium was the video chat site Chatroulette, a place where random chatters are paired up with one another to, um, well, talk to each other? I guess. It all seems very creepy and odd, but it did serve as the perfect home for this viral campaign. You have to watch the video to understand how the random chat platform is perfect to connect with (aka scare the hell out of) unsuspecting consumers. The only downfall is the lack of targeting, but then again, who else is going to be on this type of site other than horny teenage boys looking for a little cyber sex?

Old Spice Video Response Campaign

Purely brilliant. Funny in a unique way. Timely and engaging like only the web can provide. And newsworthy like good marketing can be. It took balls by the client and their legal department to approve this idea and real-time execution, as well as hard work to pull it off, but this is proof it can be done. Thanks Old Spice and Wieden for providing a case study that will open doors for the rest of us.

And congrats Isaiah Mustafa.  Even though my ab hates your abs, you sold this performance for 3 solid days without blinking an eye.  Here’s to you receiving all the praise and success you deserve.

In case you’re curious about how this was pulled off, Creativity did a solid recap of the action.  Read here.