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The Functionality of Square

In life, there are two types of things; necessities and luxuries. Those things we need vs. the things we want. Most social media sites and services fall into the latter, the luxuries/wants. We don’t NEED to tell the world what we’re doing at every second, nor do we even need to share pictures of our vacation with every person we’ve ever known. We do need to eat, sleep, produce, and consume…to a certain degree. The world would be a better place if we all consumed much less of everything, but that’s not the world we live in, therefore we do need commerce, which is why Square is coming at the digital and social world from a much more substantial and lasting angle. By simplifying the monetary exchange process, Square is redefining how we’ll make purchases (consumers) and accept payments (retailers), a core process from which an infinite number of revenue channels can be implemented, much wiser than the opposite route of creating necessity out of luxury.  Once this new way of payments becomes more prevalent and they start reaping the financial benefits of its licensing practice, it’ll be interesting to see who they monetize the app even further via advertising and partnerships.


The Bin Laden Effect

Last night my wife and I browsed videos of this weekend’s White House Correspondence Dinner through our Apple TV, and thought our night of entertainment was complete once Obama and Seth Meyers were done tearing into every imaginable target, most brutally Donald Trump. As she headed to the bedroom and I switched the TV’s input back to DirecTV, I was floored by the headline on CNN; Osama Bin Laden is Dead. Over the next few hours, the story unfolded with a speech from Obama (brilliant, btw), details of the assault in Abbottabad, and crowds gathering out front of the White House, Time Square, and Ground Zero. To that last point, even though I’m uncomfortable with the idea of so many people frantically cheering another human’s death, no matter the human, it was fascinating to see how quickly things progressed, and how impossible it would have been for this all to happen this way just 10 years ago. Technology has changed how the world operates and interacts, both for good and bad, and last night was a prime example of the real-time nature of our lives.