South Park takes on Apple

Last night, Trey and Matt released their latest pack of hounds, this time on Mr. Jobs and Apple. This is obviously a response to the recent stories that Apple is tracking the detailed whereabouts of users of iPhones and iPads. Whether it is true or not, it’s tough to ignore the scary idea that it’s true, and that there is credible evidence out there supporting the idea. The show handles the issue with amazing humor and sarcasm, but the best part of it is that it’s bringing the issue to a more general audience who may not be aware of the chitter chatter happening in the digital marketing community.

Facebook has gotten slammed on privacy issues for years now, and as smarts phones and mobile technology become ever more ubiquitous, we as the community of consumers need to do everything we can to ensure our privacy. Coming from the world of advertising, I often hate myself for being the channel that helps support large corporations and their greedy ways, but I truly feel that social media is different because it allows companies to form a more human face and to develop strong human relationships with the people that help support them. We live in a world of necessary evils, which are often times tough to recognize and deal with, but funny quips like this will help shed light on important issues that we collectively find an answer to.

And no, I don’t read the Terms and Conditions, but I also stopped updating the iTunes software long ago so that I didn’t have to agree to the evolving tactics of Apple and its peers. Maybe that’s why I opted for the Evo and haven’t purchased an iPod that is less than an inch thick.


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