Nestle Augmented Reality Prize

Man, I remember the day when digging my dirty hand into a freshly-opened box of sugary cereal and pulling out a cheap toy wrapped in plastic wrap was the highlight of the day. Yes, there were always toys that were cooler than others, but never did I get too disappointed with my prize. Well, like most things these days, my idea of a cereal toy is completely lame, just like He Man and baseball cards. Nowadays, it’s apparently all about prizes that bring the kid into the digital world. The latest iteration of that is augmented reality.

Nestle has partnered with the film Rio to create an interactive experience with the movie’s hero via a web cam and a hand card cut out of the cereal box. From the looks of it, Dassault Systèmes has done a killer job with bringing the character to life in a new a vibrant way. Although I’m unsure about the depth of the overall experience, kids are surely to be excited by even a few different movements and actions, and will keep them entertained for minutes, even maybe hours. Then their ADD will kick back in and they’ll pick their DS back up and ignore the real world for the rest of the afternoon. Luckily, this promotion hasn’t hit the obese US market yet…for now.


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