Taco Bell’s Social Response

Okay, so the Taco Bell lawsuit I’m about to discuss doesn’t pertain to this image, but a picture of a car hanging out of a Taco Bell is much more visually appealing than a picture of Taco Bell meat. You’re welcome.

Now about the lawsuit…

Taco Bell was recently sued because they were blamed for not having their meet FDA standards. Believing in the quality of their product, Taco Bell took the offensive and immediately went on their own PR tour to quell the story and to get their version of the story ingrained in consumers’ minds. They succeeded, primarily due to the fact that they have such a solid social media presence.

Mashable did a great piece about how Taco Bell’s strong social presence helped it avoid a huge PR emergency. From being the first to tell their side of the story, to strategically purchasing search ads, to having a willing audience to hear your story, Taco Bell showed that establishing a sound base on all key channels will not only provide invaluable and innumerable chances to engage consumers, it will play a key role in crisis management. Real time channels are not a fad, they should be a key element in any company’s media mix.


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