Jen Anistion is here to save the day with a viral viral video

This one is an easy sell with me. I’ve been in love with Jennifer Aniston since high school, and the facts that we share a birthday and that she’s gotten hotter with each passing year don’t hurt my chances of thinking her video for Smart Water isn’t the most brilliant viral ploy of 2011 so far.

Yes, making a viral video about making fun of viral videos is an obvious play, that is for us digital marketing folks. Yet for the general public, who isn’t as close to the viral spectrum, this video consolidates one-off videos they’ve seen into one cohesive thought, which the public likely hasn’t pieced together on their own. So for that reason, its simplicity isn’t likely to be too simple for the target audience.

And, it’s Jen Aniston looking hotter than ever for 3 minutes of dedicated time. How can that not succeed? It’s sure as hell a lot better than watching her do her one-dimensional for 2 hours on the screen. Even I can’t stand that crap any more.


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