Will WiFi Direct kill Bluetooth

The WiFi coalition is about to release a fury on Bluetooth like nothing has before. With simple software updates to existing devices that leverage WiFi technology, those devices can now transfer data and content at WiFi’s famously quick speeds. The applications of this new usage are endless, but the coalition has produced the following video to describe several key applications:


Wi-Fi Direct from Blake Robinson on Vimeo.

This is big news that will be interesting to follow and see if/how it affects the Bluetooth market. Has Bluetooth created a large enough footprint to withstand this news, or will WiFi’s ubiquity overwhelm Bluetooth and phase it out. I’m thinking that Bluetooth has embedded itself enough into key devices (mobile, gaming, auto, etc.) that it will be able to survive, and that the technology will also evolve in new, competitive ways.

Another thing I’d like to touch on is this style of storytelling that the coalition used to explain a somewhat complex issue. This very personable, simple, un-corporate method is being used more and more these days in order to present complicated subjects and situations. The likes of Google, who used the style to launch their OS browser Chrome, are finding this method to be approachable and informative, and also very cost effective since it doesn’t require talent, shoots, and everything else that comes with a traditional commercial/infomercial.

Don’t be surprised if you see these fun little cartoons more often as corporations try to leverage online video more and more.


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