The Last Exorcism ARG and viral campaign

Following up the Church of St. Marks ARG campaign a few weeks ago, the promoters for The Last Exorcism took to the video airwaves to mess with a few horny teenage boys, and scare them into going to see the movie on Aug. 27. Their medium was the video chat site Chatroulette, a place where random chatters are paired up with one another to, um, well, talk to each other? I guess. It all seems very creepy and odd, but it did serve as the perfect home for this viral campaign. You have to watch the video to understand how the random chat platform is perfect to connect with (aka scare the hell out of) unsuspecting consumers. The only downfall is the lack of targeting, but then again, who else is going to be on this type of site other than horny teenage boys looking for a little cyber sex?


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