Icon Icons

In a world ever more dominated by design (hello Apple), substance in services and products is becoming less and less important. People don’t care that their phone doesn’t make calls, as long as the form factor looks great in their hands or on the restaurant table next to their water glass. In this completely superficial society of ours where beauty grasps our attention more than any brain will, it’s important for brands to make sure their first impression pleases consumers. And in a world where icons on web pages, mobile phones, and in any ad link to your content, it’s that icon that needs to speak measures about what your brand is. Notice the evolution of Twitter’s icon. It started out as a simple 2D T, and is now a glossy 3D design. Every brand that is relevant in mobile is doing it because the icon logo is now becoming the entire brand’s logo, so better make sure your logo fits nicely in a rounded edged square.


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