Remember me? Heavy Flash Sites

Oh friend, how you’ve enriched the thoughts of my teams, comforted my clients in thinking that you would solve all of their ubiquitous information dreams, and proven that my clients would be a dominant player in that new thing called the Internet.  As I bid adieu to your beauty, your budgets, and your brawny timelines, I thank you for what you did for my industry, but I ask you to release your grasp of my traditional creative teams so that they can focus on usability, efficiency, and ROI.

I know that you were one hell of an engagement tool if those who stopped by did so with enough time on their hands, but nowadays, it seems that those same people don’t have so much time on their hands for you to load.  It seems that they’re checking in from the road, in between other important things, and don’t have the space in their days to click on your banner and spend the time with your art that they once did.  It’s a shame, but it’s a truth.

So, as we move into this phase where our clientele has the option to best utilize their time doing whatever they wish to do, not just what we impart on them, let’s keep in mind the precious time we have with them, and focus our budgets on giving them what they need.  Then, and only then, will they opt to spend more time with us, both today and other days to come.

Thank you,

Your future creative brief


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